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Yoga Teacher Training

Well I am happy and excited to announce that today I have officially partnered with a new site called Yoga Training Guide. It is a new site that is dedicated to supporting new yoga students along their path of becoming a yoga instructor. My objective will be to offer yoga business tips and advice to aspiring yogi’s along their path of yoga teacher training. I think this is a great idea and service to the yoga community because it offers support and guidance to new students. This way as they venture out into the real world of having to launch their business and address their yoga marketing they will now have some tools and resources readily available.

I myself have been considering getting my yoga instructor certification and when I saw this site was really impressed with how they have structured it. It is very easy to find upcoming teacher trainings and the search is structured in a way that allows me to find what I want which I like!

Every week I will be writing articles for the site discussing marketing and business tips. So if you like the free info I am dishing out make sure to check out this site as I will be giving them exclusive content.