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Hi, my name is Sergio Diaz and as a Yoga marketing consultant and coach, I want to help you take your yoga business to the next level. Whether you are just starting out or a couple of years along the way and just feeling stuck, having someone you can bounce some ideas off and bring new energy to the table can really help your yoga business thrive. Below are some of the topics we can cover in our sessions:


As the saying goes, “First impressions are everything”. Defining your brand as a yoga studio or teacher is very important because it establishes the tone of your company which impacts “how” potential students and customers perceive and experience you. When a potential new student first sees any of your marketing material (especially your logo and design), subconsciously they already have set an expected experience of taking your class or doing business with you.

If you feel that you still need to get your branding strategy in place, I would recommend you read this article or this article.

Unique Selling Point

Like attracts like. While identifying your unique selling point can fall under the branding category, I wanted to separate it because I feel this is especially important and different from just branding. By determining your unique selling point and knowing your competition, you make it easier for you to find your right students and for your students to find you.

Having something that separates you from everyone else is going to be crucial for you to be able to make a good living. Just think of it this way, when someone buys a Rolls Royce, the parts themselves are only 25% of what you actually pay for. The same analogy will happen when you charge people for classes, retreats, DVD’s and so on.

Marketing strategies

“Should I do this? Should I do that?” The “should I” questions are always what I hear from yoga teachers and studios and the answer is always the same, “Depends on your goal”. Things like social media, Google and Facebook PPC, fliers, events, videos, magazine advertising, search engine optimization, etc…it all depends on what your goal and budget is.

Everything comes down to having a good strategy. Then you can build up your marketing from there. That being said, the two most important places to get quality traffic are going to be SEO and Facebook. Either someone is searching for you (Google), or they stumble across you from a friend (Facebook).

Yoga Web Design and Development

Your website is the front door to your yoga studio. It’s where a potential new student will decide on whether or not they will come check you out. Building a professional, SEO friendly, and intuitive website can seem daunting. But I have created a system that allows you to sit back and just make a few comments and everything else will be taken care of.

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Yoga SEO or Search Engine Optimization

This is another task that yoga teachers hate to do and I don’t blame them. Making sure your website is optimized and ranks high for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is time consuming and laborious. But I have created another cost effective system to handle this for you.

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Business plan

Whether you are just starting out or if you have your studio up and running but are stumbling around, having a solid business plan is the key to success. By looking at things from a yearly perspective and defining specific goals, this allows you to set certain benchmarks so you can see how things are or are not progressing. Having a solid business plan makes it much easier to fix what is not working.

If you do not have a business plan, here are some resources:




Writing Effective Copy

In this day and age of short attention spans and Twitter, clearly communicating your business in the first few seconds will have a huge impact on acquiring and retaining new students. While this may sound simple to do, being able to say a lot in a few words is actually quite an art form

Multiple Revenue Streams

Developing other sources of revenue besides monthly memberships will lift the weight off your shoulders and allow you more room to breathe and do other things.

Developing Systems

Whether you realize this or not, you are an entrepreneur. Not just a yoga teacher. Unless you want to spend every hour at your studio and micro-manage everything, you need to build systems so that the studio can manage itself without you being there.

Managing Staff

Getting the right people and managing them effectively will be the deciding factor of whether your business succeeds or not. Having good and happy staff among other things plays two very important roles:

1.     They are an extension of you and your brand. When your students interact with them, they are interacting with you. There is no separation.

2.     If you have good staff you won’t have to micro-manage and worry about every little detail. This in turn allows you more time so you can focus your energy on the things you need to do.

Designing your space

While most teachers think they are good at this, I would have to say that out of all the studios I have been to, only about 10% do this well. Whether you want to call it feng shui or sacred space, every little detail in your studio creates a subconscious experience for your student. Think of it this way: when you walk into a fine restaurant where the ambiance is immaculate, don’t you already feel like you are having a good meal?

Customer Service

Keeping your students happy and coming back is the name of the game. More so, it’s all about referrals and this starts with good customer service.

My Rates

I currently charge $500 for four 45-minute sessions per month. Sessions can be done via phone, in-person, skype, or email and are spread out in the following manner:

1 per week (one month)

2 per week (two weeks total)

4 per week (one week total)

*I offer a free 20-minute introduction session to see if I can be of service.

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