As a Yoga business consultant and coach, I want to help relieve some of the work load and burden you have of marketing a successful yoga business. Whether you are just starting out or a couple of years along the way; whether you have a yoga studio or just need to brand yourself as a yoga teacher; if you are feeling stuck with your yoga business and marketing strategy, having someone you can bounce some ideas off and bring new energy to the table can really help your yoga business thrive. Below are a list of services that I offer:

Coaching and Consulting

This can include anything from branding, developing your strategy, marketing, developing multiple revenue streams, design, writing effective copy, staff management, and more.

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Website, Apps, + Software Development

If you need someone to manage your yoga website development, apps, or software from start to finish, I would be more then happy to take that weight off your shoulders.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Getting your site ranked high on Google is an art form. Yoga SEO needs to be approached in a specific way or it could cause more harm then good. Beware of any SEO firm that touts any guarantees. How can anyone guarantee how another company such as Google will react to such tactics?

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