Yoga Studio Marketing

As a Yoga marketing consultant, I work with Yoga studios on their marketing and business strategies. Identifying how to market and build your Yoga studio is a lifetime process of trial and error. Lets face it, your number one goal is attracting more students to your Yoga studio while spending the least amount of money. Being a Yoga business consultant with over twenty years experience, I have implemented almost every type of marketing strategy imaginable. They all have some benefits but it all comes down to your goals: both short term and long term. In our coaching and consulting sessions, I can:

  1. Help you clarify your goals
  2. Develop a sustainable budget (both financial and time invested)
  3. Identify which marketing strategies are the best for your business
  4. Assist with implementing these strategies

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your Yoga web design, identifying the best advertising mediums, implementing a strong Google PPC campaign, getting your site ranked on page one of Google via a Yoga SEO campaign, launching a blog, writing and designing good marketing materials, or outlining a social media campaign via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube; just know that you have a friend you can count on to help you reach your goal.

Mobile Marketing

Attention Yoga studios! Mobile marketing is now going to be the smartest way to find new students because so many people are on the go and use their smart phone to find what they are looking for. Call me today to learn more!

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