Yoga SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO for your Yoga studio or business is very important and should not be taken lightly. How you handle your Yoga SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) will play a big part in how Google ranks you because good SEO is about being authentic. Because I specialize in the Yoga industry and have over ten years experience in the Yoga community, I understand how important it is to manage your online reputation with integrity.

As a Yoga studio, you now MUST approach your SEO in two separate ways:

1. Google Places (Local Business Search Results)

yoga seo search engine optimizationIf you have not noticed, Google has completely changed how they manage local business search results (as of August 2010). In Google’s very aggressive attempt to compete with Yelp, CitySearch, and Insider, Google is now delivering local business search results using a map and a system called “Places” which means that when someone does a search for “yoga and name of city”, there will be a set number of Yoga studios that come up as part of Google’s local business search results. If you are not part of this listing and your competitors are, you are losing a ton of business.

To learn more about it, check out this online marketing firm in Los Angeles that we have partnered with called G.L.A.M. (Google, Local, And Mobile). The reason why mobile is a part of this is because Google has also changed how mobile search results are delivered and since so many people have smart phones and use their phone for local business search results, this will play a key factor in your online SEO strategy.

Check out this 2-minute video

2. Google “natural” search results

This is where you need to optimize your website so that you come up as part of Google’s natural search results. As part of a holistic Yoga SEO campaign here is what I will do step by step:

1.    Keyword Research – The first thing that needs to be done is to research the keywords you want to target. When you tell me what keywords or phrases you would like to rank high on, I will do a competitive analysis and research other sites that rank high for these keywords and what steps you will need to take to get on page 1 of Google.

2.    On Page Optimization – I will review your site and make sure you have the proper content and page structure to ensure your site is set up correctly to increase in the search engine rankings.

3.    Link Building –Via a multi-level strategy and depending on how your site currently ranks, a good yoga SEO campaign can comprise of  custom blog development, article submissions, social media, bookmarking, search engine submissions, forum participation, blog post comments, and more. The name of the game is “link juice”


Depending on what your keywords are and how competitive they are, a good Yoga SEO campaign can vary anywhere from $1500 – $2500.


A good Yoga SEO campaign takes a minimum of three to five months as we focus on “natural” white hat tactics.


Let me be the first to say that if you just spent the time to learn about SEO, you can pretty much do-it-yourself. But it is time consuming and laborious. And to be totally honest, if you are a Yoga teacher it’s just not that fun sitting in front of your computer hours on end doing this stuff.

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